What would you do?

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem.

Today I am feeling a loss of hope in humanity. When I think of all the suffering that is happening right now, my stomach turns.

How can I sit here in my quiet little corner, living in the luxury of peace, of safety. My children have not experienced the terror of bombings, violence, murder, I can hardly bear it to write it; rape.

People hold up the light of education. “Education” is the answer. The beacon which will make sense of it all.

If this is true please tell me why was it that it was the educated upper classes that supported and fought to maintain the slave trade. Why was it that many of the British upper classes were supporters of Hitler’s regime. Why is it that blue collar workers, and rich powerful men frequent prostitutes, and abuse women.

Why is it that my simple and illiterate Muslim mother in law can tell that I.S (I.S.I.S) have left the state of Islam and thousands of educated Muslim’s from the  West cannot.

When a human is in the presence of another humans suffering we harden our hearts. We look out for #1 and think to ourselves, I cannot help everybody, they must have brought their suffering on themselves somehow. How many of us walk past a human living on the street without even as much as a flicker of compassion. We make excuses not to give money, not to help, like “they will just use it to fuel their habit”. What stops you from giving them your meal, committing a small act of kindness which could make the world of difference to them?

Now I read on the BBC about the children and young boys fleeing terror from their home country and acting as prostitutes in their new desperate situation upon arriving in Europe. I can never get my head around why the men who use prostitutes (any kind) are not questioned. Where is their morality when they do that?

Sickened does’t really come close to how I feel right now.

Imagine it is you. You have been living your life, not in glory, in a quiet ordinary way, and the place where you live erupts around you in violence. Bombs are dropping, no-one is safe, then the people who claim to be helping you turn out to be equally violent.

What would you do? Would you run? Would you join them? Would you join them but subvert the new system from within, like many people did in the Nazi regime? Would you fight them? How can you be sure what kind of person you would become in this situation?

These questions frequent my thoughts a lot. I think no human is truly safe from committing atrocities and violence in the name of a so called ideal. Or just in the name of sin. We are weak, we have desires which are strong, and in desperate circumstances the need to survive can lead us to do whatever it takes.

The internet is full of travel blogs, travel websites, the travel industry is massive. I love travel but I think of all the people who are involuntarily taking on the journey from the Middle East to Europe and somehow my taste for travel is muted. How can we sit and emptily discuss the #5 best tips for visiting Bangkok when this massive human tragedy is unfolding in front of our eyes, and coming to a town near you currently on foot, by boat, and by any means necessary.

How would you like your children to be thrown into this total chaos and destruction.

Whole generations are getting traumatised.

What are we going to do about it?

I beg you Europe show some compassion to the people flooding into the West. One day it could be you, it could be your children, it could be me, it could be my children.

In the end if you were the one sitting at the train station with no options, no money, no opportunity, on the receiving end of the worst of humanity. Wouldn’t you want someone to help you?


2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. Salam ,I feel the same ! when I see people at loss of empathy and compassion , it could happen anywhere and to anyone, People feel bad for them, may like or share posts on FB but that is all they can do about it, we are not ready to spare another thought or action about it.


    1. Salam Sister, thank you for your comment. Yes, it often just goes as far as a FB click and then people are busy with their own lives and what more do they do. Granted there are some passionate and hard working people out there, but what a difference it would make if we all gave up one small thing we do or eat regularly (like chocolate, or going to the cinema) and used that money or time to do something concrete to help. Insha’Allah we can all feel compassion for our fellow human beings regardless of race, religion or social status. Ameen.

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