A Simple Life

Bismillah Rahman Ar-Raheem.

Walking away from the comforts of consumer lifestyle is not a step to be taken lightly. Yet people living in cities often tell me when they come to the desert their soul feels something that is missing in their home. There are many things we do without here, which come as granted in the west. However, I never feel I am missing out because there are things we have here, which are missing in the West.

Cities drain the soul somehow. There is something about the environment here which feeds the soul. The big open skies, the scale of the place, the silence is not like a silence you find anywhere else. In other natural environments there are animal noises. Birds, insects, mammals. The jungle creates quite a racket and other natural places are similar if not quite as noisy as the jungle.

The silence in the desert echoes. The silence a weight on your shoulders. You sit listening then you realise you are straining to hear something – the wind, anything. Only in the desert can you feel utterly and entirely alone.

Then in that alone-ness you reflect on God.

After years of first searching the Religions for truth, and finding only partial truths, then giving up on God all-together. Here in the desert I remembered God again.

Life here is simple

Practicalities override sentimentality and philosophy. The life can be as cruel as the sun that beats down in the summer or the cold which oozes into your bones in the winter. Yet the people have an unquestioning belief & faith in Allah as if he was visible. The desert is where you find God. If you don’t you are in trouble, desolately and completely alone.

I am not surprised that Isa (Jesus) spent 40 days and nights in the desert. The Prophets walked here.

If anyone is seeking relief from modern life, or to boost Iman (faith) then the desert is where you should go.

Subhana Allah (glory to God) the world is a wonderful, fantastical place.


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