What to say?

Bismillah Rahman Ar-Raheem

The times are turbulent. Needless to say.

There seems to be no end to suffering.

Everyone is the injured one.

People dying on the streets in cold blood.

Death falling from the skies.

Each person, government, behind the trigger, behind the button justifying their acts of violence.

Who do we feel most?

The deaths of the white privileged Europeans.

The others are out of sight and mind. We feel them a little. Then go back to our lives.

129 versus 146,000.

Lets not forget this all just started with ordinary people who wanted a new leader.

Then slaughtered.

Not so different from a time in Europe, in France: the revolution. There were beheadings. Hangings.  Bloodshed.

Perhaps 20,000 deaths at that time.

Look at the difference bombs, and automated guns make.

It has to stop. Bani Adam we have to stop.

Ya Allah Ar-Rahmaan make them all stop.

Ya Rub, Ya Rub.

Ya Rub.


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