I’ll NEVER ….

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem.

One of the things I have learned in this life is never say NEVER. For a surety one is not in that much control of ones own destiny and if you say it, perhaps Allah (swt) will deem it necessary to remind you of that fact.

I learned this lesson before I became a Muslim, but I don’t forget it because now as a Muslim when I think of how far I have come physically, theologically, and in lifestyle I know that I have certainly not had much to do with being where I am today.

How could anyone have predicted that a quiet but opinionated, English, Vegan, artist, goth, private school girl would be living in the desert, a Muslim and married to a Bedouin?

Allah (swt) is the best of planners and Al-hamdulilah to that.

I remember when I was at Primary school stating that I would NEVER go to a boarding school. My knowledge about them was limited to what I had read in the “worst witch” books (Mildred Hubbard) and St Trinians books. I found myself willingly choosing to attend one two years later because of my life circumstances.

I also remember stating I will NEVER listen to your Music Dad. Then when I was 15 getting totally obsessed with Led Zeppelin and that genre. Fail again.

I also chronologically absolutely and categorically vowed to NEVER have children. How I saw it at that time was that having children was a completely selfish act. The only reason to have them would be to have someone love you in entirety as no other human possibly could, I thought, that is a selfish motive. My thinking was why would you subject the person you claim to love most in the world to the suffering of this world.

Now I find myself with two young children, and hopes for more, Insha’Allah. All this is down to my complete and utter change of heart and way of thinking about the world. Al-Hamdulilah.

I realise now that children are a wonderful blessing, responsibility and test. But also that Allah chooses them for us, and us for them. We can’t save them from all the tests of the world, but as Muslims we can teach them our Religion and with that equip them with the tools they need to pass the test, Insha’Allah.

I consider myself thoroughly reminded of who is the best of planners…

So be careful and NEVER say Never ….