First Rain

Bismillah Rahman Ar Raheem

As a Brit rain is not something I naturally get excited about. Cold, wet, grey and inconvenient. However, since living in the desert I have a new appreciation for it.

Over the long sweltering summers I dream of rain, then as the winter nears we all look forward to and anticipate the first rainfall.

Bedouin people love rain, and when I have conversations with young women in my family about why you would not want to live in the UK (err way to much rain) their eyes light up at my descriptions of the endless, grey, rainy days, and I end up convincing them of the wonders of the West, rather than convincing them of the wonders of their own corner of the world.

My children love rain too.

The oldest has been complaining for a good few months now, because it has been SOOOO LOOONG since rain came, and why has it been so long?!

We have all been peering at the sky and making Du’ua for rain. Every time we see a cloud for the last two months we’ve been saying to anyone around when we see the cloud – Insha’Allah rain is coming…. Even if it is pathetically small and ever so white and fluffy looking.

Last year the first rain was on the 12th September.

Yesterday the first rain finally came, and I put on my socks for the first time since Spring.

We saw it coming up the valley, the bright blue sky gave way and changed into beautiful colums of light, pouring down from the clouds. All shades of yellow, lilac, grey, blue.

A Turner painting has nothing on the light and colours here. A Camera can never do it justice.

Then when it finally fell on us; the lovely ‘ting, ting, ting’ sound on the zinc roof part of the house gave it away. My children ran outside squealing with delight.

I rush around in the house, putting buckets where the leaks are, and moving my laundry out of where the puddles form in the house if it gets very heavy.

My youngest son who is 2.5 yrs said to me:

Mama, mama there’s water coming down from the sky onto my head!!!

We took our first daughter outside to feel rain for the first time. She gurgled with laughter, mostly because her brothers were so excited than anything.

When there is very heavy rain we go on a day out to the desert because you get waterfalls coming down the mountains, and the colours of the desert are so beautiful.

I always laugh to myself because in the UK it is on the rare sunny days everyone rushes out to have picnics.

Here I find myself in reverse.

Subhana’Allah the world is a wonderful place


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