Hope lives in the choices we make

This BBC article gives me hope because is illustrates that individuals can make ethical choices even when their culture or society has a different way, even at great risk to their own self, and that through these individuals greater social change can happen.

The midwife who saved Intersex babies

It is easy for people in the West (when seeing articles such as this one) to get all up on our high horse, that we hold the moral high ground, and that other Cultures are “backward”. Maybe we don’t kill same sex children but we have children starting to drink alcohol at 12 yrs, we have a culture that celebrates and glorifies drug use despite our knowledge about the damage these substances cause. We have a massive surge of younger and younger girls suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia. There are many other areas where Western society lacks. Now is a time when individuals all over the world have to make choices in our daily lives which are ethically sound, and only through these choices we make, can change really happen.


One thought on “Hope lives in the choices we make

  1. Truly hope lives in the choices we make as you say. I had no idea that 1.7% of people worldwide have intersex traits. I listened to the audio of the midwife and adult intersex people in Kenya and was so impressed.

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