Eid Mubarak, a Bedouin Joke, conversation with my son…

Eid Mubarak to one and all….

Al-hamdulilah I have a very happy tummy and I think I have no requirement now to eat goat meat for at least another month….

My husband told me the following joke ages ago. I am generally rubbish at joke telling and remembering, but this one stuck in my head:

A Bedouin Joke

The joke is set at the time when Bedouin were still 100% nomads, but the innovation of the 4 x 4 had just arrived… As a Cultural note, Bedouin people don’t like to be “made” busy. Not that they are lazy but rather they don’t waste energy on something that takes a lot of effort and achieves little… or something like that!

A Bedouin man had just bought a jeep for the first time and he is taking his Grandfather to another village to visit someone.

When they stop at some Bedouin tents along the way to get some water, his grandfather opts to wait in the jeep.

When the owner of the jeep returns he finds his grandfather sitting in the jeep looking happy. The steering wheel and gear stick are missing.

The old man says: These new Jeeps are great, but those two things were making you busy, so I took them out for you…

A conversation with my son

My son running in:

Mama, mama. I want some paper can you give me some paper please?


Oh! Um yes, but what kind of paper. What do you need it for?

My son, looking a bit shifty:

I just need some paper. Please can you get me some.

Me (looking hopeful):

Yes, of course, but what do you need it for so I know what kind to get you. Do you want to do some writing and drawing?

My son (looking incredulous):

No mama, we need it to make a fire


ooooo slaps forehead…

6 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak, a Bedouin Joke, conversation with my son…

  1. Eid Mubarak Sister πŸ™‚ lol for the Bedouin joke, we have similar rural jokes in India too πŸ™‚ and Come on you were thinking he is going to read/write on EID πŸ˜€ its only for fun !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shokran Sister. Here in the desert fire making “underage” children is perfectly normal … I do get a bit paranoid about them making (playing) with fires as its not my culture. I probably first had a lighter as a teenager. I have already taught them how to put one out just in case! If you say to my sons (3 & 5 yrs) – how do you put out a fire they will say.. “with water”. Then I say and what else… “sand”. Then I say what if the fire is in the electricity? They say “turn of the electricity and put sand on it”
      : D


  2. Well I suppose you can’t help worrying πŸ™‚ MashAllah that is so cute! May Allah bless you and your children and never let the fires get out of control!


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