Bedouin First Aid

Only recently have Bedouin people had access to Hospitals. Therefore, they have a robust and established First Aid system (some things might make you go “eww”) with which they treat various ailments… Read about some of the practices I have learned…

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The desert…

“There is a quality about the desert that is unlike anything else I have encountered.  It creates the sensation of being utterly alone, with an extension of physical distance beyond which is the unlimited extension of time itself.  In this environment, the human mind is lifted out of itself, above the level of mundane existence, until one has the feeling of being cast out into a limitless world of endless space and time.”

 World without Time – The Bedouin. By Edward Nevins and Theon Wright
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First Rain

As a Brit rain is not something I naturally get excited about. Cold, wet, grey and inconvenient. However, since living in the desert I have a new appreciation for it.

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First trip to the sea

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem. I don’t remember the first time I went to the sea. My parents and I travelled a lot when I was little and I don’t think they would remember that first moment either. In the summer we went on a little family outing to the seaside, and Insha’Allah I will not forget it. […]

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Bismillah Rahman Ar-Raheem I have always been fascinated by ants. They are so awesome. Living organic machines with sophisticated structures and methods of living which surpass their brain power. I remember as a child in Greece watching soldier ants marching along a stone step, and planting smarties for them to find and watching them as […]

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Wilfred Thesiger – Across the Empty Quarter

It is characteristic of Bedu to do things by extremes, to be either wildly generous or unbelievably mean, very patient or almost hysterically excitable, to be incredibly brave or to panic for no apparent reason. Ascetic by nature, they derive satisfaction from the bare simplicity of their lives and scorn the amenities which others would judge essential. Although, on the rare occasions that offer, they eat enormously, I have never met a Bedu who was greedy. …. Bedu set great score by human dignity, and most of them would prefer to watch a man die rather than see him humiliated.

Always reserved in front of strangers and accustomed on formal occasions to sit for hours motionless and in silence, they are a garrulous, lighthearted race. But … they can become uncompromisingly puritanical, quick to frown on all amusement, regarding song and music as a sin and laughter as unseemly. Probably no other people, either as a race or as individuals, combine so many conflicting qualities in such an extreme degree

Across the Empty Quarter – Wilfred Thesiger, 2007, Penguin.p.46-7. This short book consists of extracts from the novel: Arabian sands, 1959

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Natures Scale

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem. Look to nature and you will be amazed. The complexity, rhythms and beauty unmatched by what humans can make with our own minds and hands. From the huge landscapes, skies above us, down to the tiniest macro details, nature even in its tiniest intricacy dwarfs us. This feeling of smallness is very […]

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Tents don’t have locks

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem We have a little house now, but when I first lived here it was in a long, wide, traditional hand made Bedouin tent. I dearly miss our first home but we are not totally without now. Most Bedouin (and us) who live in houses still keep a tent next to the house, […]

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Heat seeps under my skin as the sun creeps across the sky. Sticky, slow, sweat. It is inescapable. Outside my trees, vegetables, and geese wither. I am in my little house, a tank overhead with water in it. A fridge hums. The electricity is not strong enough to power the air conditioning, but if it […]

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