Billy Goat Head in my fridge …

There are some things which never change about a person. A social or religious programming you have received as a child, or a characteristic you developed or were born with. No one persons unchangeable factors are necessarily the same, but for sure everyone has something that is unchangeable about them… Or at least something pretty much certainly unchangeable.

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Some thoughts on Obedience

Bismillah Rahman Ar-Raheem. Obedience is an interesting thing. In the West it used to be considered good, but these days is mostly regarded as bad but with limits. Rebels are revered but the rebel shouldn’t be TOO rebellious in that the rebellion pushes the unseen boundaries of respectable rebellion, the rebel becoming a criminal. For example […]

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Portrait of a Matriarch…

A short sturdy lady came towards me. Exuding strength, warmth, kindness, generosity, and an uncompromising self. She smiled greeting me with the booming greetings of the desert. At least 3 minutes dedicated to the ritual. Allah hayki, kaif haliki, shlownki, Al-hamdulilah, Allah maki, Halla ya halla, Allah HAYki. She kisses my cheek, grasps my head, then […]

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Tolerance and tranquility

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem Your Culture is what you do and think without thinking about it. Those unspoken things you have learned from your parents, family group, and the wider society you have grown up in. If you had asked me about what my Culture was in my early twenties, I would have been able to […]

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Why I picked up the Quran

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem. The moment my life changed was when I picked up the Quran. At 26 years old, this book was going to change everything for me. So what led me to read it, and why should you too? Firstly, I am one of those people who doesn’t really trust the news, and media. I […]

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A Bedouin Fire

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem Fire is one of those things which connects with our instincts, our souls. It is something universally loved, and feared where-ever you go in the world. Sitting around a warm fire on a cold night, eating food prepared on it is one of the simplest and greatest pleasures in the world. One […]

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Tents don’t have locks

Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem We have a little house now, but when I first lived here it was in a long, wide, traditional hand made Bedouin tent. I dearly miss our first home but we are not totally without now. Most Bedouin (and us) who live in houses still keep a tent next to the house, […]

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