Ramadan Kareem – Tips for new Muslims

Al-hamdulilah it must be at least 7/8 years now since I fasted my first Ramadan. When I first started fasting it was a wonderful experience (nothing will ever beat the high of the first taste of dates and water after the first day of fasting). I can’t really express all the wonders and benefits of the month in the scope of this short post. However, I would like to share some thoughts on Ramadan and some tips for new Muslims out there who are perhaps preparing to fast for the first time.

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Heat seeps under my skin as the sun creeps across the sky. Sticky, slow, sweat. It is inescapable. Outside my trees, vegetables, and geese wither. I am in my little house, a tank overhead with water in it. A fridge hums. The electricity is not strong enough to power the air conditioning, but if it […]

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